About Me

Bike or climb

Bike, climbing and beer inspire me my whole life. Climbing attempts were followed by bike adventures for breweries, during which I easily passed 200 km distance. The love for beer stayed in my heart, I graduated from UCT Prague in Biotechnology and started my carrier as a brewmaster in Němý Medvěd in Mělník and then in India for some time. Nowadays, I occupy my self with beer research in Budvar while studying for Ph.D. at VŠCHT.

My Achievements

  • 2012
    • 1000 MILES ADVENTURE 1 800 km, 11 days, 7. place
  • 2013
    • ROAD TO TROMSØ, selfsupport, 4000 km
  • 2014
    • SOLO EXPEDITION IN SVALBARD ON SKI 30 – 80 km/day, 16 days
  • 2015
    • TRANSCONTINENTAL RACE 4100 km, 12 days, 7. place
  • 2016
    • Across ICELAND on MTB
  • 2017
    • EIGER North face Heckmair route,
      Kleine Scheideck, Switzerland - winter climb
  • 2018
    • GRANDES JORASSES North face
      Walker Spur, Chamonix Mont Blanc, France
      Cima Grande North face Comici route, Dolomites, Italy
  • 2019
    • MATTERHORN Zermatt, Switzerland - winter climb

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WBBC 2020

(World By Bike Challenge 2020)

„If you want longer race, find a bigger planet.“

On june 14, 2020, a group of long distance cyclists starts their ultimate journey around the Earth from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The one who arrives first to the Arc de Triomphe become the winner and will be written down to the Guiness book of records. Yes, it's primary a race with your self and your head, but there's just one winner - another motivation to be as fast as possible.


  1. 1. Riders must complete the Challenge from start to finish under their own power
  2. 2. Riders have to ride 18 000 miles easterly in one direction without going back
  3. 3. Riders have to pass through two antipodal points en route
  4. 4. Riders must be fully self-supported
  5. 5. No Drafting at any time
  6. 6. Riders must follow the local laws at any time
  7. 7. Riders are required to use a provided GPS device
  8. 8. No prize money

You can find more information on the official website.